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Expert Nutritionists in London, Hampshire, Yorkshire in nutrition clinics with over 100 laboratory biochemical and metabolic tests, dealing with digestion , IBS, fertility, stress, mood, energy, weight management allergy and food intolerance

Our Optimum Nutritionists are committed to making the world a healthier place.

So many problems and dilemmas in our lives have simple solutions. Many preventable diseases have simple nutrition solutions.

Our world is driven by the need for profit and pleasing the shareholders. The needs of the individual are usually considered expendable.

It's not considered as profitable to encourage people just to eat better, to protect their bodies, to use preventative measures to stay healthy.

Many more billions of pounds are spent promoting junk food and the drugs that treat the ailments they propagate rather than health promotions campaigns that encourage people to be healthier.

Individually it's hard for nutritionsts to battle the might of a well entrenched food industry that started off with good intentions ( providing cheap calories to stave off malnutrition) but is now trapped into poisoning our bodies or risking the wrath of shareholders. The result is causing malnutrition by marketing too many of the wrong kind of calories.

Optimum Nutritionists and Foods For Life are commited to bringing together like-minded nutritionists and philanthropists to work with corporate bodies and the media to reach a large an audience as possible and educate them about the logical solutions.

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