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Koyoko - lack of energy, stress

Before I came to see Yvonne I was feeling exhausted all the time, upon awaking in the morning I was more tired after 8 hours sleep. My life was a misery, struggling with minimum day to day requirements, let alone social life after work. Such thing did not exist, I wanted to sleep if I could find extra time. I was living like a zombie, my brain did not contain long term memory.

Nutrition was a real eye opener for me. I truly believed I was eating healthily, how little did I know about proper eating! After the first meeting with Yvonne I left feeling great encouraged by her positive attitude, today I am feeling 10 out of 10 with wise food choices and supplements and my commitment. I was transformed and saved by nutrition (therapy)

KH Croydon



Anita's Testimonial - IBS

When I was a child, I had suffered with digestive and stomach problems.  I went to the doctors, but was either told I had a nervous stomach or was given medicine.


As I got older, my symptoms had got progressively worse.  On the odd occasion I would pluck up the courage to go to the doctors knowing I would either be treated like a hypochondriac or would be told it was IBS.  Not convinced of this diagnosis, I would eat as healthily as I could to try and combat the symptoms, but they would still be there no matter what I did.


Last year I was 42 years old, it had been going on for over 33 years without being resolved.  My symptoms had got to a stage where they were starting to interfere with my progression at work, chronic wind, swollen abdomen, irritability, anxiety, mood swings, diarrhoea, constipation, constant vaginal thrush, hyperglycaemic episodes, recurrent infections, no libido, low energy levels and unable to concentrate.  I was even finding it difficult to string a sentence together and I realised by this time things were starting to go very wrong for me.


But in May last year, I was told by an assistant at a Health Food Store where I often shopped, about “Foods for Life” and so I made an appointment.  I saw Yvonne, the Nutritionist who, after hearing my problems, sent me for a number of thorough tests including blood tests for food intolerances.  When the results came back, it was discovered I had candida albicans, leaky gut syndrome an allergy to corn and intolerances to yeast and buckwheat; she also confirmed that I had a blood sugar problem, which explained the hyperglycaemic episodes.


I was put onto supplements and a diet for the candida for about 3 months as well as cutting out the problem foods.


Now, 8 months after seeing Yvonne, I feel like a new person.  After all these years, all my symptoms that had been the pain of my life have finally gone.  My stomach doesn’t bloat anymore, I feel calmer and even tempered and my concentration and energy levels have increased tenfold.    


I have recommended “Foods for Life” to friends and I also recommend them to whoever is reading my story; they gave me my life back.


Anita from Purley




Lara's Testimonial - Healthy Pregnancy


“I found the nutrition plan difficult to follow for the first week or so as there were several food items and health products I had not purchased before and did not really know where to get them from or how to prepare them.  However, with Yvonne’s guidance and a week or two of “educating” myself, I was soon in the swing of things and noticed an immediate change in the way I felt. 
On Yvonne’s plan that was devised for me I no longer had dips and troughs in my blood sugar levels.  So, rather than feeling tired in the afternoons craving for anything sweet to give me energy, I felt very well balanced with no cravings, even energized.  In fact, I enjoyed the variety of foods on the nutrition plan so much that I went for 3 weeks before I chose to have a piece of chocolate!  
The overall positive response I have had to the plan has encouraged me to stay true to it as much as possible and to make the right dietary choices. As a result, I find myself on an “upwards spiral” which is a great place to be before giving birth!
My experience with the nutrition plan, together with specific advice from Yvonne has been very positive.  I have learned an enormous amount – what I should be eating, what I ought to be “food combining”, when I should be “re-fuelling”, what supplements I should be taking for the well being of my baby and more.
In a nutshell, I have developed some great new habits for life and plan to keep seeing Yvonne every so often to make sure that I stay on track!  I would highly recommend Yvonne and her firm to any-one who does not feel 100%, pregnant or not, as every-one can benefit – in both the short and long term - from learning how to make the right nutritional choices for themselves”.

Lara from London




Oliver's Testimonial - Weight Loss


Thanks entirely to Yvonne’s carefully focused advice and understanding support I have dramatically improved my energy levels and rapidly reached my target weight.  I have immensely enjoyed changing to a healthier, more efficient diet which has also introduced me to a wide range of delicious new foods!  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Yvonne’s help has made a highly valuable and positive impact on my everyday life.  I very much look forward to developing this even further in the future.


Oliver from London


Testimonial - Endometriosis, Period Pain & Weight Loss

After numerous unsatisfactory visits to my GP regarding endometriosis and period pain I decided to look for other support.   I went to see Yvonne around a year ago and have  been amazed by the results .   Everything that she told me was possible
with changes to my diet has become a reality - I didn’t realise how important
food could be.   I no longer have any pain and don’t rely on chemical hormonal replacements. As well as those excellent results I have changed what I eat for good and have lost a significant amount of weight during the process.  I would highly recommend Yvonne  & Foods for Life   - and have done to many of my friends .


C.P - London




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