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Preferred Clinic*: Harley St West London (Thurs) Initial £118 PH

Harley St London Evening Appointment

Beaulieu Clinic New Forest Hampshire £85 PH

Home Visit - VIP Priority £250 + Expenses

24 Hr Cancellation / Stand-by £85

Gift Voucher

Business Consultancy, Speaker, Public Appearances

Consultant: Yvonne Bishop-Weston (London, Surrey, Hampshire)

Gareth Zeal (Yorkshire, occ. London)

Brighton, Bristol (at VegfestUK )


Appointment: Mornings 10-12 am Weekdays

Lunchtime 12-2pm Weekdays

Afternoon 2 - 5pm Weekdays

Evenings 5-7pm Weekdays (+£10)

Saturdays (Except Harley St) (+ £10)

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Once you have an appointment booked you will be sent a Health History Questionnaire that will highlight symptoms and  possible undetected underlying root causes and conditions and give an insight to your general health. It is also designed to detect any future potential problems so you can protect yourself and avoid future ill health.

You will also be sent a 3 day food diary so that the nutritionist can both analyze your daily nutrient intake and get a valuable insight into your lifestyle and the way you eat.

You can download them here;Form 1 - Health History Questionaire- Form 2 - Food Diary

These forms, based on forms designed by The Institute of Optimum Nutrition, may seem long winded but they will save a lot of valuable time in your consultation. By returning them at least a week before your appointment they allow you more valuable time spent on focusing on solutions and recovery rather than investigation and analyses in clinic.

Sections with red asterisk must be completed. To confirm your appointment please send a check to the admin address on the forms or pay online by paypal, credit card or switch.

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