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Christopher Howard - personal development and business guru

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With renowned philanthropist and NLP trainer Christopher Howard -  "the Warren Buffett of personal and professional development"

There are many things that the nutritionists at Foods for Life can do to make your life more fulfilling and enjoyable.

But there are other important factors to succeed in achieving optimal wellbeing.

Exercise is important - your muscles in your body must be given regular exercise in order to function regularly.

Your mind can play an enormous part in your health and wellbeing too. Stress, hang-ups, emotional routines and habits, anger, fear, guilt, lack of confidence and years of neuro programming can thwart your quest in achieving your ultimate goals.

This enhanced emotional training can help change your life!

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Tony Bishop-Weston

Christopher Howard - personal development and business guru

Christopher Howard has studied, adapted and tested hundreds of psycological tools from NLP to the wisdom of great thinkers, philosophers and business gurus. At the Christopher Howard seminar training events he offers NLP with knobs on, taking it to the next more effective level. I watched people have their lives transformed and took away some life tools from the training seminar event that I'll treasure for the rest of my life.

Where's the catch? What's the scam? No such thing as a free lunch! Well true, you have to pay for your lunch but you could always take your own picnic, there's free water and yes they will talk about their training courses and tell you how good they are - but it's not like timeshare - they don't lock the doors so if you really can't bare the occasional bit's where they talk about the many training courses, events and seminars they do then just walk away.

No scam, no catch, no pressure just loads and loads of practical tools to make the most of your life whether it's effective weight loss, being a good parent or teacher, running a successful business or saving the world this is a good road to embark on.

Book now! It's 100% free. All it will cost you is 3 days of intensive learning, which is hard work but well worth it. If you stick it out to the end Chris normally rewards your hard work and commitment to a beautiful life with a valuable free gift.

And yes it's true, Christopher Howard is an American, but spending time in the UK, Australia and with Richard Branson on Virgin Island has definately paid off and polished some of his edges since he recorded his promo video.

But now? - No more procrastination - improve your life now with Chris's life changing positive thinking and training techniques in accelerated learning.

 Christopher Howard - personal development and business guru