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 Books by Tony Bishop-Weston and Yvonne Bishop-Weston

It's important we eat more fruit and vegetables and more plant based proteins and fat and reduce our reliance on saturated animal fat and processed foods.

We have chosen a numberof recipies to help make this easier and more enjoyable.

 Vegan - ISBN 0-600-60915-4  - 2004

 Published to celebrate TheDiamond Jubilee of the Vegan Society Vegan sets out to break the ground rules of Vegan Cooking and carry on where Tony Weston's "TheTaigh Na Mara Cook Book" left off.

 It marks the fairy tale union of Yvonne Bishop from Cranks Restaurants and award winning Tony Weston ( Taigh Na Mara, Rainbows and Wellies, Scotland The Green, Vegetarian Society, Vegan Society) and their fusion of catering and nutrition skills. Together they nutured the transition of country style vegan cooking into a healthy optimum nutrition genre, pushing the boundaries of conventional vegan fayre, seeking out new ingredients to create nutritionally balanced gourmet superfood without making concessions on flavour.

Breakfasts, snacks, main courses, desserts - colour pictures £12.99 + £2.50 postage and packing.


The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking: ISBN-10: 0754818438 ISBN-13: 978-0754818434 - 2009

 Everything you need to know about going vegan, from choosing ingredients to advice on health and nutrition (The Complete Book of) (Hardcover)

This is vegan cooking for dummies. Leading you by the hand through why vegan, when vegan, what vegan, how vegan, where vegan with recipes for all occasions. Step by step photos and full guidance for anyone wishing to embark on a journey to a meat free healthier lifestyle that's kinder to the environment.

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