Nutritionist Bristol

Nutritionist in Bristol

Yvonne Bishop-Weston and her team will be in Bristol on 31st May and the 1st June.

Nutritionist Bristol

Your chance to get a consultancy with a top Harley Street nutritionist right on your doorstep in Bristol.

Follow ups can be by telephone if needed.

A special private clinic in a tent is being created in on Bristol's harbourside within The Bristol Vegan Fayre.

Special show prices have been organised with Bristol Vegan Fayre normally it is £95 to see a Foods for life nutritionist in Haley Street London. The Bristol price is less than half that!

Special Bristol Show Offer

Pre Booked 30 minute mini consultations with Yvonne will be only £35 (booked online) a further discount of £7.50 for members of UK eco and ethical groups such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Vegetarian Society - Only £27.50

There is limited space over the 2 days so please book now.

To book please use the booking form here - Appointment - Nutritionist (Tick Home visit box) - or email clinic (at ) foodsforlife . co .uk with your preferred day and time

You will be sent a 4 page history questionaire and a 3 day food diary that will need to be completed and returned one week before your appointment. At your appointment you will be presented with a strategy for optimal health and a diet plan.

For more information about the Bristol Vegan Fayre please visit

Testing services

Nutrition therapy is beneficial in helping to solve problems with digestion ( IBS ) , infertility, hormone imbalances, weight management ( effective weight loss diets ) stress related problems, PCOS. Testing may be recommended. There are over 100 biochemical tests that can be used to get to the root cause of a health issue and end the suffering.

For more nutritionist information see the nutrition links on the left hand side of this page.

Nutrition therapy is a complementary therapy not intended as an alternative therapy - Nutritionists prefer to work in harmony and synergistically with your doctor or GP and any tests you have already had done will be very interesting to a qualified nutritionist. Please bring copies of any tests with you.