Health Food Stores

Health Food Shops

Ok, so it's all very well hearing about health food alternatives to everyday unhealthy foods but where in the bulging blueberries can you buy all these weird and wonderful foods? Where do you go to keep the stores in your cupboard full of foods that your nutritionist won't freak out about?

If you are lucky enough to have one of the larger supermarkets near you then you will be surprised to see the choice that is suddenly fighting for shelf space in the new health food sections. On the wave of interest in health foods created by Ian Marber, Patrick Holford, Gillian McKieth, Jamie Oliver, Amanda Ursell and other health food promoting TV evangelists even Asda / Walmart stores are dipping their toes in the water where once only Waitrose and Holland and Barrett stores dared to tread.

Generally it's worth opting for your local independent health food store as they understand the market a little better, usually have better customer service, and are more likely to choose quality over quantity (which understandably is more difficult for the supermarkets who need the same in every store)

Try these health food shop links to find an independent local health food store near you.

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