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Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston London Harley Street Chooses Guest Blogs from Bloggers with Health Food News and Information

Each month we will be choosing a new health food blog or health food news story.

If you would like to suggest a blog for inclusion please email us via our contact page.

Blogs will need to be information based with claims backed up by evidence based science and quoted sources.

All solutions offered should be plant based and suitable for vegans. Any scientific study quoted based on human study not animal based experiements.

Any copy found to contravene these ideals will be removed.

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Guest Blogs

International Food Exhibition 2017

Consultant Development Chef Tony Bishop-Weston looks at new foods and brands appearing in the Health and Wellbeing section at IFE2017 at Excel London

Health Foods 2017

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Uk Healthy Sandwiches

Tony Bishop-Weston looks at the latest concoctions in sandwiches that may help you get closer to your target of 10 a Day portions of Fruit and Vegetables

UK Sandwich Market 2017

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UK and Global Dairy Market Statistics

As 100 year old Dairy producers close their doors and reopen as almond milk producers and pea milk becomes a thing, consultant development chef Tony Bishop-weston looks at the statistics and future of the dairy industry and what it can do to save itself. 

Dairy Trends and Future of UK Dairy Market

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