Pregnancy Nutrition Stage by Stage Nutrition Program

Reduce unwanted pregnancy symptoms such as stretch marks on your pregnant belly or morning sickness in all stages of pregnancy. With a pregnancy nutrition program you can follow week by week through your pregnancy calendar. Optimise the pregnant health of you and your baby for a healthy future.


Pregnancy health and nutrition, Foods and nutrients when pregnant - Pregnant nude belly womanThe Foods for Life Pregnancy Plan


What you eat in pregnancy is vital to maximise the health of you and your growing baby. In our Foods for Life nutrition clinics we often find that women get so many mixed messages and conflicting advice about the right and wrong foods to eat in pregnancy that they are unsure about what is best. Our nutritionists ensure we are kept up to date on the latest research so we can help you optimise your health. Our fertility and pregnancy nutritional therapists are also all mum’s themselves so they understand the practicalities of optimising your diet when also working or having other children to take care of.


A healthy diet is important throughout pregnancy and has been shown to increase the chances of, for example, a better birth weight, increased baby brain development and decreased risk of certain birth defects. In fact scientists are now beginning to believe that some adult diseases are established while the baby is developing in the mother’s womb so the long-term health of your child may be determined from the very beginning.  Additionally, good nutrition is needed for the mother during pregnancy to help avoid or overcome problems such as anaemia, pre-eclampsia, morning sickness, fatigue, constipation and mood swings and to help with post-natal recovery.



Your Foods for Life Pregnancy Plan

The foods for Life Pregnancy Plan naturally follows on from the fertility plan and provides support through each trimester up till when you wean your baby. You can of course join the plan at any stage, it is never too late to optimise you and your baby’s health.


Trimester 1 –  Your healthy start

We give practical, clear advice on the best foods and drinks and the ones to avoid. In our clinics and as Mums themselves our nutritional therapists understand how many questions you have when you first find out you are pregnant and how the information over-load can feel overwhelming leaving little room to consider your diet. Your nutritionist offers clear and practical advice based on the latest research. Nutritional support can help minimise the early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue and mood swings and make your first trimester the exciting and enjoyable time it should be.


Step 1 – Your questionnaire

You receive a 4-page health history questionnaire and a 3-day food diary to complete and return to your nutritional therapist


Step 2 – Your one-to-one consultation

You have a one-hour consultation with a Foods for Life nutritional therapist. If you are in the London area this would be in one of our London clinics, if not this would be on the telephone. In this consultation you receive:


stage of pregnancy, pregnancy nutrition, pregnant nude, pregnant belly, pregnant sex, pregnant woman, pregnant teenTrimester 2 – Your growing bump and baby

Most of our mum’s-to-be also like to have a follow up consultation at this stage. You receive a pack including; the best foods for this stage, meal planners and other practical advice such as the most useful natural products for preventing stretch marks and supportive classes such as active birth yoga and hypnobirthing


Trimester 3 – Birth and beyond

In this consultation your nutritional therapist discusses not only you and your baby’s nutritional needs at this time but also your nutritional needs post birth and for the 6 months beyond. Your pack at this stage includes snack ideals for labour stamina and breastfeeding nutrient needs and meal plans.


Beyond baby - Growing up 

Healthy Baby Healthy Pregnancy - Nutrition Program

 Here your nutritional therapist helps you through a key stage in your baby’s development, that of introducing solid foods. Your pack contains the latest advice on which foods to give when, what your baby’s needs are and how to ensure optimal nutrition.

We often find that Mums also like a consultation for themselves here to ensure they are getting all they need and are feeling at their best.