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London Nutritionist Gareth Zeal Sports nutritionist and Naturopathy in North London, Camberwell and Harley Street


Gareth Zeal - South East London -

Nutritionist, sports nutrition and naturopathy

Gareth Zeal is one of UK's leading experts in the field of nutrition and naturopathy and has over 20 years experience at advising patients and customers on the benefits of good nutrition and natural medicine.

Gareth has managed top London health stores and worked in the natural products industry as a Senior Nutritional Consultant. He has vast knowledge and experience of health problems and the way they can be helped with diet, food supplements and complementary therapies. His clients include top athletes and several premiership football clubs, as well as many ‘stars’ of the entertainment world.

Gareth has lectured at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, acted as senior examiner for the South East in martial arts – Aiki-Jutsu, and has helped to write several well-known books on natural health. He has also appeared on many TV and radio shows to give advice to viewers who phone in with health questions.

Gareth is a champion weight lifter with superior strength who could lift up to four times his body weight , lifting far more than competitors many times his size and muscle mass.

Gareth Zeal holds monthly clinics in Harley Street. He also has regular clinics in Yorkshire in Middlesborough, Newcastle, Halifax and Hebden Bridge.

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