Paola Marchini London Nutritionist

Paola Marchini, Dip CNM, mBANT CNHC, is our clinical nutritionist (Registered Nutritional Therapist) with a special interest in the menopausal health

Paola Marchini London Nutritionist Nutritional Therapist London Harley Street

Answers the question - "What’s going on with my hormones…could it be the menopause?"

There is a lot of confusion around the ‘menopause’ and the various stages leading to it.  Many women may start to experience symptoms of hormonal changes relating to the menopause from around the age of 35 including menstrual irregularities, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, loss of confidence and fatigue, amongst others.  As these symptoms can happen very gradually, they may go unnoticed for quite some time or be attributed to PMS. 

Our protocols are designed to help women manage the various stages of the menopause, from before the menopause, referred to as the ‘peri-menopause’, through to the changes that occur during the menopause and beyond.  Paola’s passion is to empower women to take control of their own health during this challenging and significant transition in their lives, in a natural way through the use of personalised nutrition, targeted supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Paola is available in our Harley Street Clinic on Thursday mornings.

Our Programmes support each stage of the menopause and through appropriate functional tests, we can investigate where you are at and provide tailor-made clinical protocols.  We offer clarity, guidance through research based and practical strategies which are easy to implement in a busy lifestyle.  Our solutions include:


Menopause Programme

Menopause Programme

Menopause Programme

·         An initial consultation with optional body composition analysis, body fat % and metabolism check (60-90 minutes).  Menopause symptoms management, health history review and specific dietary interventions.

·         Week 4 - Review (50-60 minutes)
Weight management
Cardiovascular Health
Bone Health

·         Week 8 - Review (50-60 minutes)
Skin Health
Mood & Sleep

·         Week 12 - Final Review and long term health strategy (50-60 minutes)

·         Reasonable email and telephone support between sessions (48h response time)

·         A health plan with recipes and easy to follow handouts.

·         Our full commitment and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you desire.


Prices from: £399

·         Excludes functional tests and supplements

Same as Standard -
Additional Features:

·         Adrenal Stress Profile Test (saliva) and interpretation of results.

·         John Lewis Food Hall Supermarket Tour (45-60minutes): practical tips for healthy living.


Prices from: £549






Same as Standard -
Additional Features:

·         Rhythm Plus Hormone Panel (saliva) and interpretation of results.

·         John Lewis Food Hall
Supermarket Tour (45-60minutes): practical tips for healthy living.


Prices from: £699

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