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Penny Crowther - London Nutritionist


London based nutritionist Penny Crowther has 20 years experience in health and nutrition. 

Penny Crowther BA DN Med MBANT

London Nutritionist Penny Crowther London Harley Street, Croydon and Balham Clinics

Key Specialist Health Areas; Energy & Mood, Fertililty & Women's Health, IBS & Digestive Problems

Since qualifying as a nutritional therapist thirteen years ago, Penny Crowther has seen many hundreds of individual clients at her Balham practice. Penny's interest in nutrition and natural health goes back twenty years when, as part of her job as branch manager for a large retail health food chain, Penny experienced at first hand the powerful impact of food and nutrition on the lives of customers. Her work with fertility has been featured in the Daily Express and Daily Mirror. Penny is a regular writer for Positive Health magazine.
Penny Crowther’s approach to nutrition is holistic, taking into account emotional, mental and environmental factors as well as physical ones. She studied many complementary therapies before training as a nutritionist and her knowledge of these informs the way she practices. She is dedicated to personal and professional development and frequently attends lectures and seminars to keep up to date with the latest scientific nutrition research. She is a current member of the BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy).
Assessment is made using a questionnaire completed prior to the appointment and by questioning and observation, with the option of laboratory biochemical tests if required e.g. adrenal stress profile, hormone profile, digestive stool analysis, bone turnover or cardiovascular profile. An eating plan and appropriate supplement programme is provided after the consultation. Aside from the health areas mentioned above, nutritional therapy is particularly effective for strengthening the immune system, improving cardiovascular health, reducing stress and for maximising the health of the bones. It is also good for prevention of future health issues.

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