Seminar Speakers

Motivational keynote speakers  professional nutritionists and celebrity guest speakers

Foods for Life Optimum Nutritionists are available as guest keynote speaker events for seminars, corporate events, training  and nutrition workshops.

Choose from:

  1. Set nutrition presentation on performance, energy, optimal health, fertility, men's health, women's health
  2. Workshops on health and wellbeing in the work environment including smoking cessation
  3. Bespoke speaker seminar, talks and workshops tuned to your target objectives
  4. One on one mini consultations
  5. Training sessions and workshops for in-house catering team
See our nutritionists page for profiles on our nutritionist speakers

Other motivational and seminar speakers are available to offer a more comprehensive speaker program in addition to our nutrition speakers or seperately.

These are all established authors or Top 20 health gurus.