Marsh, Moss, Seaweed, Algae?

Alan Titchmarsh Show - Kate Moss Algae and Jordan's Juices





Investigating The Celebrity Juicing Trend

Alan Titchmarsh sampled seaweed and algae shakes on his ITV show (we told him to drink it with rice milk - it's much nicer but I guess that's not as entertaining!)

Apparently Kate Moss has joined the ranks of the many celebrities slurping on seaweed and algae shakes to keep themselves fit and well.

Meanwhile Jordan's Juices were featured too - wanna look like Jordan ? Try Juicing said Alan's guest Hollywood gossip journalist.

Alan tried a spinach, lemon, apple, avocado and pineapple juice

Here's the recipe

Turbo-Charge Smoothie
¼ cucumber
1 stick celery
Handful spinach leaves
½ small pineapple peeled and chopped
¼ lime, peeled
4 Golden Delicious apples, chopped
Flesh of ½ ripe avocado
Small handful of ice

• Juice the cucumber, celery, spinach, pineapple, lime and three of the apples.
• Place the avocado and remaining apple in the blender together with the juice mixture and ice.
• Give a good whiz for 45 seconds.
• Pour into glass and enjoy!

Jordans juices