Melinda Messenger fronted GMTV LKTodays's Baby Race where three couples tested different fertility treatments - who was the first to conceive?

One couple has undertaken IVF, one couple acupuncture and the other couple have attempted to reach their 'peak' nutritionally. But which ones have got pregnant? Sam and Nev are the lucky couple and they have done it purely through diet :

Nutritional therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life has been working on optimising Sam and Nev's health. In cases of unexplained infertility it has been found that assessing which nutrients the body is short of and supplying these has over an 80% success rate.

Sam and Nev's programme :

Following on from their nutritional assessment tests the keys areas which Sam and Nev had to change were-

How their health and fertility improved

Sam had improved energy, skin, hair, nails and immunity as well as no more bloating or headaches. All symptoms that she is in better health and may have improved fertility.

Nev lost over 2 stone in weight, had a marked improvement in his energy, mood, concentration, memory and skin and had no more digestive issues such as burning and bloating. The number of normal sperm Nev was producing also more than doubled taking him out of the at risk category and 12% above the acceptable level.

The other couples used IVF and  acupuncture