Victoria Beckham Algae & Seaweed Shake Diet

Victoria Beckham's Seaweed and Algae Shake Diet

Victoria Beckham seaweed and Algae Shake Posh Diet

Victoria Beckham is in the news again - she said she wanted to lose half a stone after feeling too bloated to try on clothes whilst on a shopping spree.

The secret of her new miracle diet (never a secret for long) is apparently a seaweed and algae shake.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston was asked to comment by Look magazine. They were a little surprised when the Foods for Life Harley Street nutritionist revealed that it's not as bizarre as they imagined. Many people are lacking the nutrients that vegetarian superfoods such as Chlorella Algae and Dulse / Nori seaweed are rich in.

Yvonne admits that herself often uses an algae and seaweed shake. "Nutritionists are not exempt from hectic modern lifestyles and even though I of all people should know better to make time for food with a young baby you just run out of time. Algae shakes are a good emergency ration and full of nutrients, minerals such as iron, vitamins such as vitamin B12, amino acids and botanical extracts providing a host of enzymes, macro and micro phytonutrients "

Seaweed and algae shakes usually come as a powder in a pot or in portion sachets and tastes best with rice milk.
They are packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that may support weight loss as the seaweed contains minerals and iodine which supports the thyroid and so the metabolic rate (the rate at which we burn calories). Algae may aid detoxification. Toxins are stored in water and fat and so can lead to bloating and fat retention. These toxins and the unwanted extra water and fat are therefore more easily lost when the body is detoxified.  

Yaoh Hemp protein is another good emergency nutrient to keep in your drawer at work to add to fruit smoothies. Hemp seeds and Hemp oil are also great for adding amino acids and essential fats to salads and soups.

Where to buy

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To buy Chlorella and Dulse, algae and seaweed shakes please see Seaweed and Algae Shakes on our Health Food page or call 0871 2884642 for more info.

Source: Nutrition News - Victoria Beckham's Seaweed and Algae Shake Diet