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Recipes for getting your 5 a day

Ideas and recipes for helping you reach your 5 a day, getting more frut and vegetables in your diet. Yvonne Bishop-Weston nutritionist says "I think it's beyond any reasonable doubt that there's no shortage of saturated fats from animal foods in our diet, it's more fruit vegetables and plantfoods we need to achieve optimal health our selection of cook books and DVD's will help you achieve that in the most delicious way."

Vegan Cookbooks

The Vegan Cookbook by Hamlyn that features vegan recipes for pancakes, vegan pizza, brownies, chocolate cake, and other vegan desserts, as well as many ideas for dairy free vegan cheese dishes and many vegan breakfast ideas for people wanting to adopt a vegan diet or vegans who want new ideas is now available on Kindle for only £3.99.

The Vegan Cookbook: A5 Paperback version Buy Now -£4.79

The Vegan Cookbook: Kindle Version  - Buy Now £3.99

vegan cookbook, recipes for vegan dietVegan cookbook by Hamlyn

This Vegan Cookbook was written to comemorate The Vegan Society's Diamond Jubilee , the first vegan cookbook partnership between Yvonne Bishop-Weston and Tony Bishop-Weston takes Vegan cuisine to a new level of both optimal health potential but also deliciousness. Recipes from this vegan cookbook are featured on The BBC Food recipe website and it was generally heralded as a new dawn in vegan cooking. A cookbook creating soufles, mousses, pancakes, gateauxs, quiches and banoffee pie using healthy plant based ingredients but without compromising on flavour and enjoyment.

This vegan cookbook has handy introduction and overview of optimum health using plant based foods and chart of essential nutrients and their plant based sources

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complete book of vegan cooking,  vegan cookbook vegan dietsNew Vegan Cookbook - The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking by Anness Publishing / Lorenz

This is Yvonne and Tony's second vegan cookbook collaboration -  Hard back vegan cookbook encylopedia with a comprehensive collection of simple recipes for all occassions. Breakfast , lunch and dinner and full colour pictures for every recipe. Comprehensive section on vegan health including pregnancy and advice feeding children by Yvonne

This Vegan Cookbook hs sections on ingredients and ethical shopping - a perfect vegan cook book for someone thinking about adopting a vegan diet, anyone wanting to introduce more fruit and vegetables into their diet, anyone embarking on a new ethical lifestyle starting a vegan diet and lifestyle and for those already vegan but need renewed enthuisiasm and inspiration to take their vegan diet to a new healthier level.

This vegan cookbook is as close to a Vegan for Dummies cook book as there is and a great cookbook for those with a little more experience.

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