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Weight Loss Diet Plates

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If losing a little weight before Christmas is high on your to do list we have found a new tool which may help. One area which most hinders weight loss is getting the ratio of protein to carb to veg right and for a while we have been suggesting clients draw on a plate to help with this. We have now found a more scientific tool called the Diet Plate. This plate is based on sound research but we would ask you to continue with the plan Yvonne has put together for you as bespoke information is the most accurate and just use the plate for lunch and evening portioning (unless you have been asked to avoid carbs in the evening, then simply fill the protein section and have the rest of the plate as vegetables). Please continue with your breakfasts and recommended snacks as usual. We have persuaded the lovely people at Diet Plate to offer our clients free postage and packaging. The plates are available in children (healthy eating rather than diet plate), male and female. They come in Staffordshire pottery earthenware (£21.99) or melamine (£19.99). Just email Sunny on clinic@foodsforlife if you would like to order.

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