DHA EPA From Algae

DHA and EPA from Sustainably Sourced Algae Oil

V - Pure  ~ the original vegetarian / vegan omega 3 DHA EPA sustainable , non toxic , alternative supplement to fish oil with pre converted omega 3 long chain essential fatty acids is no longer available.

Please see ' NuIQue ' for second generation Omega 3 DHA EPA supplements

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Omega 3 DHA and EPA from Algae

V Pure Algal DHA and EPA

In 2004 sustainable, affordable vegetarian and vegan alternative to the much publicised omega 3 fish oil supplements became a reality!

Fish are heralded as being excellent sources of omega 3 long chain essential pre converted omega 3 fats  DHA and EPA.

The omega 3 fats in vegetable Flax oil , basic short chain omega 3 fats ALA (or LNA - alpha linolenic acid) are thought to be fairly difficult to convert to DHA and EPA due mainly  to modern diets and modern lifestyles.

More about converting essential fats here - DHA EPA

*Vegan long chain essential fatty acid is found in an algae oil from a speices of algae that offers both DHA and EPA long chain omega 3 fatty acids in a preconverted format as you would find it in fish but without the saturated animal fat.

Sustainably grown in steel tanks it offers a viable affordable alternative to a fish oil industry on the brink of environmental collapse through over fishing and pollution.

It also avoids the problem of oceanic pollution , toxins such as mercury, PCBs and fire retardents

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