Vitamins Minerals and Supplements

Vitamins Minerals and Supplements

The smart choice is to get all your vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, fibre, essential fatty acids, proteins, and phyto nutrients from your diet and sunshine (vitamin D)

For whatever reason, an overly stressfull lifestyle, an illness, your work, poor food choices, or you are just too darn lazy, you may need a boost of vitamins and minerals from a supplement. seems little doubt from the research that supplements are usually no match for a healthy diet but that they are certainly better than too few of the raw materials you need to keep your body optimumly healthy.

A few stand out in mainstream consciousness, vitamin D, iron, calcium, Zinc, selenium, b vitamins,vitamin C, vitamin B12, but they fail to do their job effectively if they are not the most absorbable types.

The old saying buy cheap buy twice is never more applicable in the world of supplements and companies use confusingly different measurements to help keep you in the dark.

Things like magnesium and calcium are physically big so you just can't fit it in with a multivitamin so you need to either eat lots of green leafy vegetables or take seperate calcium and magnesium tablets in addition to your multivitamin and minerals. If you don't get outside enough to get enough sunshine to make vitamin D then typically vitamin D3 in multivitamins is around the 200iu (5 µg ) per day and you need more like 1000iu - 3000iu per day - even more if you are supplementing with vitamin D2 as it's half as effective.

Sometimes however you get a combination of offers that seem just too good to be true

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