Depression & Stress


The links between food and mood become more apparent every day as more research becomes available mapping the effects of a shortage of amino acids, essential fats and B vitamins on our mental fitness.

Anyone who has seen the mood of the office change when the office chocolate machine breaks down should need no further evidence of the power of food over the mind to bring on depression or prevent it.

Our modern lifestyles seem purpose built to create stress and depression with unnatural demands on our hormone levels it's no wonder our mental systems break down and so many of us find ourselves in a depressed state.

Mental illness can have many causes and even if you can't deal with the stress directly at this stage in your life there are many things that a nutritionist can do to help your body cope a little better with the stress and avoid a nervous breakdown or full blown depression or manic depressive attack.

Well publicised research has shown little thugs with attention deficit disorder turn into diligent little angels  with just a change of diet.

If you Know of anyone with a wheat intolerance or an allergy to gluten ( coeliac ) then they'll tell you how a little wheat can completely change your personality and turn you from a perfect and gallant  philanthropist to a virtual psychopath in minutes.

Left untreated depression and the underlying causes of a depressed state could leave you more at risk from dementia and Altzhiemers.

For any chance to treat Altzhiemers it really has to be treated as early as possible and as always prevention is much better than cure (in Altzhiemers case there is none)

Foods for Life offer laboratory testing and a number of tests for root causes linked to a greater risk of depression from essential fatty acid and amino acid status, food intolerance testing to vitamin and mineral deficiency tests.

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