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Foods for Life Nutrition therapy natural infertility treatment can be many times more successful than fertilty treatment by assisted conception, IUI, ICSI or IVF at a specialist infertility clinic.

Our trained Foods for Life Nutritionists are happy to enhance the effectiveness of fertility through IVF even though nutritional therapy has a proven record of success on infertility treatment in it’s own right.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Lucy Pelling and Penny Crowther are all registered with Foresight the fertility and pre conceptual care charity.

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The benefits of pre-conceptual care


If you visit your GP for advice to help you conceive you’re most likely to be told to avoid alcohol and smoking (sound advice), keep trying and come back if you are not successful. The next step is likely to be IVF or a similar assisted conception technique.-


It is well proven that alcohol and smoking have a detrimental effect on fertility, but there are many other nutritional steps you can take to improve your chances of conception and much research to prove it. Just one example is a study at the University of Surrey consisting of several hundred would-be parents with a history of fertility problems. They were put on tailor-made holistic pre-conceptual care programmes focussing principally on diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation and avoidance of environmental toxins. A stunning 81 % of those who took part went on to produce healthy babies.


It takes around 5 months for eggs and 3½ months for sperm to mature before being ready for release. So it makes good sense to start a pre-conception plan at least 4, ideally 6 months before trying to conceive. Not only can the right nutrition and lifestyle changes help natural conception, but in those cases where assisted conception is the only option, a good nutrition programme can enhance success rates.



Your strategy for health


At Foods for Life we support each person on an individual basis. We look at your very unique health needs, address any imbalances and optimise your wellbeing to support you in being able to conceive a healthy baby.


If you are having trouble conceiving there may be a number of underlying issues and building optimal health is dealing with each of these, putting the pieces of the jigsaw of health in place until daily wellness is part of life and so are your chances of having a healthy baby.


Your Foods for Life nutritional therapist will work with you to draw up an action plan or strategy for dealing with your health. This plan with be devised for you as an individual as although certain foods are good for most of us, and some of course not so good, we all have different needs due to our genetic make-up and to our previous diet and lifestyle influencing the expression of genetics. Your personal strategy may include diet, lifestyle and supplement advice and recommendations for tests which would give further clues to your individual bio-chemistry. Advice is to support your pre-conceptual health and will be tailored to your needs by your nutritionist.

See Foods for Life Fertility and Pregnancy Program by Yvonne Bishop-Weston that was the winning method on GMTV's LK Today 'The Baby Race' beating IVF and Acupuncture in the race to get a couple pregnant.