Skin Disorder



Skin care is now a multi million pound industry with every health and beauty magazine full of adverts for the latest skin treatment or skin care product promising anti aging skin care and both unnatural and natural skin care.

Skin is amazing stuff helping you to get rid of toxins, monitor your body temperature, soak up vitamin D from the sun and darken to protect you if you get too much.

Your skin is a very good barometer of what's going on in your body. If you have any sort of skin disorder, dry skin, itchy skin, a skin rash, spots, acne, it's much more often than not a warning sign of something going wrong deeper within.

There are simple things you can do to preserve your skin condition and care for your skin such as making sure you drink enough water and get enough anti oxidents and essential fats in your diet but sometimes it's a little more complicated and you'll benefit tremendously from seeing a nutritionist about skin care or skin treatment.

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