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Weight Loss

Stop looking for that one size fits all elusive weight loss diet program and get a personalised plan to fit you based on your body's needs, not somebody else's.

Weight loss therapy has a proven success with Yvonne Bishop-Weston and expert weight loss advice based on diet nutrition science with less gimmicks than the cabbage soup diet or cookie diet weight loss program, more food health than the Atkins diet, more effective than weight watchers and less hassle than the south beach diet.

Forget looking for a magic diet pill, in  Yvonne Bishop-Weston's nutrition weight loss diet plan your weight loss program will use food health expertise to help your body to rebalance itself. You may be recommended a blood test for laboratory testing for food allergy or food intolerance or testing for a hormone imbalance that may hinder weight loss.

Having established if there is, and if so dealt with, any underlying cause why weight loss may be proving difficult, Yvonne or your nutritionist will provide a personalised weight loss program designed to balance your blood sugar levels, stop food cravings, encourage your body to carefully dispose of body fat and the toxins stored within, build muscle and balance your metabolism.

The Food for Life diet plan will help you reach optimum health in addition to weight control.

We offer no promises that you'll look like Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham within 7 days (but do you really want to?). Foods for Life aim to help you create a sustainable diet plan so you can take control of your body and understand how it works. Foods for Life nutritionists work to put and end to yo-yo dieting, crash diets and the state of perplexed confusion of your metabolic rate.

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