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* Foods for Life can now arrange Testing for Swine Flu in London *

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London based Optimum Nutritionists at Foods for Life can offer a wide range of over 100 different biochemical tests for a variety of conditions and nutritional and chemical imbalances.

As far as possible our nutritionists will strive to spend your money on getting well in preference to tests. The usual procedure is to obtain comprehensive information from you about your health history and any symptoms and a 3 day food diary so that our nutritionists can get an idea of both the things you are currently eating and the way you are eating (times etc). At your first consultation with your nutritionist you will get a personalised strategy for health and a meal plan based on your notes and your hour long consultation. The nutritionist will then decide which of the hundreds of tests, if any, would be most suited to determining the root cause of your health issues.

If you are sure you wish to take a particular test , and are clear about the reasons why you want a test and what it has to offer then we would be happy to arrange a test for you before you see a nutritionist.

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Allergy testing - Blood tests for food intolerances and allergic conditions - See more

Hair mineral tests and analysis

Adrenal stress test - Tests for hormone levels including adrenal function

Essential fatty acid status test

Essential amino acid profiling test

Thyroid function tests

Stool tests for parasitic infection or bacterial imbalances

- are just some of the testing opportunities on offer.

For more information or to book an appointment to determine whether a testing is necessary for you and if so which test is appropriate please fill in the form on the nutritionists contact page 

Or call 0871 2884642 or email clinic (at)