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There is much hype, spin and confusion about allergy tests and food intolerance testing and many dubious claims and unproven methods that help to confound the issues. Foods for Life only use the latests proven blood tests for proof of an intolerance or allergy. We do not use vega testing (electrical resonance testing) or methods with insufficient scientific evidence to prove their efficacy.

ImuPro300 are offering tests in many European countries but as you can see our laboratory has a far more comprehensive selection of the latest Allergy tests available.

Allergy or Sensitivity (Intolerance) ?

The body may react to food in many different ways, and this has been the cause of much controversy about what does and does not constitute food allergy. Food allergy is probably best defined as an abnormal immunological reaction to food. This means that if an individual is exposed to a food they are allergic to, an immune response occurs which can be measured in the blood. Such a response is swift, clearly defined and is invariably reproducible. It classically involves the production of special antibodies to foods called IgE. These antibodies can be measured in our Acute Food Allergy Test

Food intolerance is also an adverse reaction to a specific food or food ingredient which is not psychologically based. However, food intolerance is not necessarily associated with clearly defined immune reactions in the same way as food allergy, and may involve a number of different reactions. It has been shown that IgE and other types of antibodies are found in the gut wall and release histamine. This has the effect of altering the permeability of the gut to a wide variety of substances, making it more 'leaky'. As a consequence food can be absorbed when it has only been partly digested, so large and unusual food molecules may actually get into the blood stream. These can then trigger a number of immune responses. These chemicals themselves are the cause of many of the unpleasant symptoms seen in food intolerance. 

Most of the evidence suggests food intolerances or sensitivities are influenced by our environment and our own dietary and medical practices. These involve a series of  complex immune reactions, the detection of which needs a specialised test such as the FACT test

The Food Allergy Cellular Test (FACTest)

This test is a cellular assay that measures the release of chemical mediators from white blood cells once they have been stimulated and incubated with foods, detecting a much wider range of food intolerances and sensitivities than is possible by conventional means. 

FACTest profiles available:

ALL01 FACTest: This comprehensive FACTest measures all types of immunological reactions to around 170 different foods, including common seasonings, colourings, additives and beverages from a single blood sample.

ALL02 FACT Dairy & Grains Profile: This test measures sensitivities against all cow's, sheep's, goat's and soya products, common grains and yeast. A marker called tissue transglutaminase (tTGA), which is highly specific at identifying untreated Coeliac Disease, is also measured.

ALL03 FACT Additives Profile: This profile measures reactions to commonly found food additives.

ALL04 FACT Antibiotics & Analgesics Profile: This profile measures reactions to commonly used antibiotics and analgesics.

ALL08 Comprehensive Food Allergy Profile:
This profile consists of the full FACTest, IgE Food Allergy Panel and a marker called tissue transglutaminase (tTGA). tTGA which is highly specific at identifying untreated Coeliac Disease, is also measured.

To view the analytes measured in each of our FACTests please click on the following link: FACTest Analytes Measured

Signs and symptoms associated with food intolerance:



  (*RRP) Price
Food Intolerance Test (FACTest)   £245.00
FACT Dairy & Grains Profile   £105.00
FACT Additives Profile   £95.00
FACT Antibiotics & Analgesics Profile   £95.00
IgE Acute Food Allergy Profile   £140.00
IgE Inhalant Profile   £140.00
FACTest & IgE Inhalant   £280.00
Comprehensive Food Allergy Profile   £300.00
Individual Allergens   £30.00

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